Board of Commissioners

A five-member Board of Commissioners governs Public Hospital District No. 3. The district residents publicly elect each board member to a six-year term. The commissioners’ terms in office are staggered

Tim Cavanagh, DVM
Chairman of the Board
Elected to fill Position No. 5
Occupation: Veterinarian

Tim Cavanagh was originally appointed to fulfill this vacated position in 2000 and subsequently elected to it in 2001. Prior to that he had served seven years on the district’s Community Advisory Committee. As the owner and chief veterinarian of All Creatures Veterinary Service since 1981, Tim contributes a business background to the decisions of the Board.

Tim has also been active in the Arlington Chamber of Commerce and the Advisory Board of Weston High School.

“I believe it is very important to have an excellent hospital in Arlington. The health of future generations depends on our ability to maintain such a resource and guide its growth.”

Margo Powell
Elected to fill Position No. 3
Occupation: Hair salon owner and operator

Margo Powell joined the Board of Commissioners in 1999. She began serving on the Hospital Guild of Darrington soon after moving to that community in 1988.

Through personal experience Margo learned the vital importance to our local communities of continuing the availability of local health care and access to hospital facilities. She also keeps a watchful eye on indicators that assure the hospital and clinics provide quality care.

John Meno
Appointed to fill unexpired term Position No. 1
Occupation: Financial Advisor

In October 2005, John Meno was appointed to fulfill the unexpired term of Mary Jean Kraski. Experience from his past and current leadership positions in the community (e.g. President and Board Member Rotary Club of Arlington; Past President and Board Member of Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce; Chairman Arlington High School Advisory Committee) help lead CVHC towards its Mission and Vision.

Prior to becoming an Financial Advisor in 1998, John was a bank Branch Manager for six years. His Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and background in financial services are a valuable resource to the Board of Commissioners.

Tina Davis
Appointed to fill Position No. 2
Occupation: Vice President and Bank Manager

Tina Davis became involved with the governance of the Hospital District through serving on the Community Advisory Finance Committee (1997-2002.) When Commissioner Judy Hassing retired from the board in June 2002, Tina was appointed to fulfill the term of that position.

Having worked in the banking industry since 1976, Tina’s financial background provides a necessary resource to the board. She also contributes leadership experience gained through involvement in Arlington Dollars for Scholars, Citizens Committee for Arlington School District, and Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

Position No. 4
Currently Vacant