Cascade Valley Health Foundation

Building a Solid Foundation for Our Community

The Cascade Valley Health Foundation mission is to improve the health and safety of Arlington, Darrington and the surrounding areas through education, outreach and strong community partnerships.  To follow us on Facebook, please go here.

Grant Requests

If you are interested in pursuing a grant from the Cascade Valley Health Foundation, please go here for more information.

Gifts to the Foundation

The Cascade Valley Health Foundation is funded by charitable contributions and memorial funds, as well as grants from community partners. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. Your personal gift may be made in a variety of ways: cash, bequests, stocks, bonds, life insurance policies or other property. Include Cascade Valley Health Foundation in your will or living trust. We are a 501(c)3 organization.

Memorial Gifts

Your gift to Cascade Valley Health Foundation in memory of a friend or relative is a thoughtful expression of remembrance. The person or family you designate will receive a card bearing your name as the donor. The amount of your tax deductible contribution (as provided by law) will not be stated on the card unless you specifically request it.

Foundation History

The Cascade Valley Health Foundation (formerly known as the Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation) was formed in 1998.  Our all-volunteer board meets monthly to determine how to wisely use our time, experience and funds to best serve our community.  Our organization has helped support many initiatives at Cascade Valley Hospital that increased safety and comfort for patients, staff and visitors.  We are also proud community partners, and sponsor multiple events, scholarships and projects.  In 2014, we raised and distributed over two million dollars to help those affected by the Oso Mudslide.